1 am toilet duty.

My husband's brother recently moved his family back to Miami and last night we celebrated with a really fun get together.  It truly was a celebration because we all missed them very much and since it had been a long time that we were all together, we threw caution to the wind and- despite all our kids- had game night until way after midnight. It was all fun and games... until we got home.

We arrived to find that the gDiapers had not agreed with one of our toilets (we have one toilet that has very little flushing force and I knew it was just a matter of time).  There was water all over the bathroom.  And when you walk into the bathroom at 1am just wanting to brush your teeth quickly because you still have to change yourself and your sleeping little one into pajamas (without waking her up), the last thing you want to do is plunge and mop.  But we did it quickly and efficiently and it wasn't so bad.

Then we went on to tackle the next big assignment: getting pajamas on our little one WITHOUT WAKING HER UP.  Because I really just wanted to get to sleep.  We picked the easiest pajamas we could find and then he held her tight while I did the pants and and I held her bottom tight while he did the top.  We did it quickly and in total silence.  We just knew what to do and how.  It was seamless and beautiful.  If there was an Olympic sport of this, we would have won the gold medal!  It went down without a hitch.  And we even had the finesse to put her in her co-sleeper crib without waking her up and that rarely ever happens!

At that moment I remembered the words of that momma I met recently who said that thing about when you become a parent, you instantly become a creative problem solver.  No complaining; no guesswork.  You just learn to do things effectively and swiftly in the best way possible.  I'm very grateful for this ability.  As a mom, it makes me feel like a superhero.

It also teaches me to just be in the moment at each and every moment.  And that's pretty great too!