Growing children; growing momma by Amber Morabito

Recently as my children are growing and accomplishing big milestones in their lives, I find myself melancholy, nostalgic, and missing my babies!! The babies that I carried for ten months and loved every minute of the pregnancies, the babies that nursed and gazed into my eyes knowing that I was their provider and we connected on so many levels without words (just our gazes, hearts, and warm touches), my babies, that needed me and their Papa’ for everything. I miss this… I often ask my husband, “Do you miss our babies?” and his response is, that sometimes he does, but really enjoys them getting older. My husband’s response reminds me of a conversation I was a part of where a girlfriend of mine asked another mother we were standing with if she ever misses having her babies (her kids are 8 and 10) and this mom responded by saying, “No, I tend to live in the moment and enjoy them." My husband and this woman are at peace with growing children, but I really miss my babies! Although, what comforts my heart in these moments of missing my babies is watching them flourish into such competent children.

My oldest, even though he will not admit it, LOVES school, likes reading, enjoys his friends, and above all else still LOVES learning. Although I often hear about how hard things are at school and how frustrated he is about doing homework and all the things his teachers say he must do…he does these things and does them well. He also is very confident and excels physically in the activities he participates in. He is also a wonderful big brother. Finally, he has a kind and sensitive soul and wisdom beyond his years that I continue to understand as he ages. So when I miss my baby boy, I am comforted by the fact that as he grows, I get to know who he is and relish in what he is becoming…and know that what we did when he was a baby has helped him succeed as a competent, confident, healthy, growing child.

My youngest is technically still my baby, but don’t tell her that. She reminds us almost daily, “when I’m 4, I will be big and do….” . She will be 4 in June and it seems like yesterday she was born!! Time flies…but as with my son, as this little lady grows, we see who she is. She is ready to conquer the world and because she has such a light that shines so bright, you will want to conquer it with her! She is sweet, empathic, and loves so deeply those that she loves and all of her experiences. Such an innate awareness, appreciation, and genuineness her care free spirit already possesses.  People often cannot believe that she is only 3 years old and this has been the sentiment since she turned 3. This has a lot to do with her BIG brother and all the experiences she has been afforded as a second child, but also she was just “born with it”.

Recently, with both of my children, I have had moving experiences where I continue to evolve and learn from their strength, courage, and willingness to experience all that this world has to offer! It is an interesting existence for me as their mother, because where I know that I helped raise them so far into who they are, they came to us for a reason and are huge blessings and gifts that make me a better person! While I know I have moments where I really miss my babies, I am a grateful Mamma with a full heart as I watch my babies grow! While on this journey of life, I will remind myself to enjoy the moments, because in the end, the moments will make up my life as their mother and their lives growing into adulthood!

Cheers to watching our babies grow!!

"The highest reward for a person's work is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." - John Ruskin

 Amber Morabito is an educational consultant who recently moved from San Francisco, where she had been for 12 years. While residing there she had the pleasure and honor to build a very solid network of amazing people that shared her passion and commitment to children and their families. Despite the move, her vision is clear: to spend her life helping and educating others, conducting research, and advocating for young impressionable minds.

Her educational background is rooted in psychology and child development. She has a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology with a focus on children and families.  She has over 12 years experience teaching in early childhood education, 4years teaching adults at the college level, and 4 years consulting with educators and parents so that best child development and educational practices are possible. She is also a mother of 2 children and through all of her experiences educationally, professionally, and personally, continues to grow and learn daily as she strives to experience the world through the eyes of children and partner with others that strive to do the same.

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