Still nursing.

Before I was a mom and even while raising my first alone (no siblings), I would say "when kids are old enough to ask to nurse they are too old to nurse!" because I thought that was weird. I thought it was weird because I was simply regurgitating things others would say and I was merely mimicking others feelings and awkwardness about something I knew nothing about. I had had no prior experiences and yet still spoke with utmost authority and certainty.

Well, guess what. My toddler is old enough to ask for it. And we're still nursing. And it's the opposite of weird. It still feels nice, nurturing for both of us, connecting and completely natural. I stopped for a bit so that I would not be overwhelmed by tandem nursing with a newborn (bc they're always on the boobies). But now, we went back to occasional nursing. And I love it.

If anyone wants to tell me she's too old, then don't you nurse my child. And 3 years old is "too old" for very few things... nursing NOT being one of them. She pinches the skin under my elbow while she drinks milk and looks me deeply in the eyes with a love so big it's beyond words. It's so soothing to us both (except when she feels it's too soon to stop and gives me the look that she's ready to go into an epic battle for the boob!) and after all the challenges we had when she was a tiny baby, every time my babies get momma's milk- every time- I am deeply grateful for being able to provide that kind of pure sustenance and for the sustenance that is provided to me from my blessed food and from the love of my husband to be able to pass it on to them.

Nursing is a blessing.