Some funny things about being a mom.

Today, my little one had her fourth big poop accident so far.  These eco-friendly diapers aren't very baby-friendly or clothes-friendly.  I had to throw out one of her yummy organic cotton onesies (not the first time I have to throw out an article of her clothing due to a diaper mess).  The Seventh Generation diapers are alright, but the Nature Babycare and the Earth's Best are not absorbent at all for breastfeeding poops.  I won't even get into the G Diaper debacle.  A friend of mine had some diapers to throw out so she gave me a NB package of them and when I finally went to use them I realized- to my utter disappointment- that they were Pampers Swaddlers.  They work great... no diaper rash and super absorbent.  But are also going to super linger for 500 years in landfills.  Poop. The whole thing was kind of funny.  It's so cute how babies are clueless about what is happening around them- they always have that matter-of-fact look on their faces.  I was cracking up when I saw her covered in baby poo hanging there in her daddy's arms.  5 wipes and a new outfit later, I was thinking of the quirky things about my experience with motherhood so far and here's what I've find the most quirky...

...The toe curling for 30 -60 seconds when the babies first latch on to your breast to feed.  It's excruciating at first but when I started getting used to it I would sing the ABC's in my head and by the time I got to the end of the song, the toe curling sensations were over.

...When I forget to change her for a few hours b/c I'm having fun with her and we're preoccupied with other things and then suddenly I feel some warmth on my lap. I look down at her very large and swampy diaper and realize it's been a few hours since I've changed her and that I just got peed on!

...How I've never made a picture album for myself but at three months she already has two completed ones.

...How whenever I go on an outing I think how fabulous it would be if we all still lived in tribes and in nature so that I could walk around topless in a grass skirt.

...How I crave constant company- especially the company of women.

...After birth I started snorting when I laugh.  I have no idea why and it probably has nothing to do with birth or the baby but I snort everytime I laugh now.

...I found out that you actually use that funny-looking nose bulb thing!

...How can I only lift a few pounds at the gym but am able to carry an 11 lb baby around all day long with and without a sling?

I'm sure there's lots more funny things to come.  I welcome them with good humor but I really do hope to find a solution to the inefficient diapers very soon!

Any suggestions?