Now that I'm a mom...

There is so much I have realized from becoming a mother. Like when you're out shopping and you have your baby on the Ergo, PUT HER DOWN when you go pee in the bathroom otherwise, you will have a big mess on your hands and have to run home with wet pants. (TMI?... I don't know. I am much less embarrassed about things now that I'm a mom too) When on that beautiful yet long day in February my little one emerged into the world in a pool of warm water, I had no idea how much I would learn from there on out. From the first moment I looked into her eyes, truth began to speak to me more clearly and directly. One of the most notable- and humbling- of these truths is that we are all beautiful, perfect children. Every one of us. And most of us are wounded children who are grasping at anything and everything to receive love and yearning to give it as well because it is our nature to do so.

Since I can look at everyone as someone's son or daughter and a beautiful creation of Father God and Mother Goddess, it is much harder to remain in stories and judgments and even harder still to keep pretending that I am not myself a divine and creative creature of the universe. When you look at everyone with real eyes you realize that we are all always immersed in peace and always in love. The disconnected sons and daughters (myself included) do things to get love. We do things to deserve love. But how can we get or deserve what we already are? We don't need to "do", "get" or "deserve", we just need to realize.

I'll be the first to admit, it's challenging to like some people or experiences because of their difficult nature. But if we can look at them as pure children simply in need of love, we can then give it and realize that not only will that love enlighten them but it will enlighten you too. That way we can truly BE for people whatever they need us to be without feeling they are taking anything or we are lacking anything.

I've seen how people treat my daughter. I am so grateful when someone approaches her with love and attention. It keeps me hopeful that we can leave generations beyond ours full of love and knowing what true peace is. But... I can't help and realize that most of the time those same people ignore me- the jaded adult- completely. Admittedly, I get flustered and then I dismiss them too. I think if we could all connect on that level- the pure innocent childlike soul within us- then we could love "all of the people all of the time" instead of "some of the people some of the time".

Becoming a mom has blown the top off of my head and shattered any wall around my heart. Now, it's just a matter of integrating all this wisdom, creating wholeness within so I can pass it on to my daughter and be the beginning of an infinite ripple of unconditional love. It starts with me. It starts with you. And it never ends.