Momma misdemeanors.

Yesterday I went to the store to get some towels and my little one was a fussy. If you've ever shopped with a fussy toddler- or have done anything at all with a fussy toddler- you know you absolutely canNOT do what it is you set out to do unless they are calm. Or, you can always go home but that just means you have to do it again some other day. I never opt for the latter, so I find ways to keep her busy in the shopping cart or give her something to play with while I carry her around the store. I pretty much give her anything I think would interest her. Sometimes she grabs for stuff on her own. This gives me a nice 10-15 minute window to get in, get what I need and pay.

This all gets a little hairy sometimes. Sometimes she grabs something she could hurt herself with or something she shouldn't be playing with so I grab it out of her hand and replace it with something else. Of course, she doesn't like that I just took something from her, even though I explain to her why. Sometimes a big ruckus ensues. Sometimes I don't always remember to put said object back on the shelf so I put it in the quickest place without even thinking- in my boobs.

And then I forget about it.

So I walk out of the store with it.

And then find it later in the day when I'm driving home... or when my little one goes to nurse... or when I go shower.

So far, I have inadvertently stolen a rubber ball from Toys R Us, a mini-pack of M&M's from TripleB, a spoon from BuyBuyBaby, two bottle caps from cleaning products from Whole Foods and a laser pointer keychain thingy from Staples.

The crime streak should end now that the weather is getting cold because I won't be wearing V neck or scoop necks with quick and easy boob access for much longer! Thank goodness!