Just call me Milky the Cow.

For several weeks now, I have been very worked up about the fact that my daughter breastfeeds all day. No, really... ALL DAY. She would probably be nursing at night as well if we hadn't started using her crib but thankfully we are getting sleep and I am getting a nursing rest at night. During the day, however, it's just non-stop. Sometimes it's just 10 seconds and she knows it and I know it, but she'll still tug and whine and yell until she gets her booby. Lately, I've started to introduce the idea to her that one day the booby wont be there for nursing anymore. As she nurses, I say things like "These are mommy's boobies, not yours. You can borrow them for milky but only until you're two and then you'll eat and drink from other places but not from mommy's boobies anymore." I say this b/c I think she thinks they're hers. She just takes the liberty to half undress me wherever we are whenever she's hungry, teething, bored, tired, in the mood to snack or anything in between. It's frustrating. And now that her molars are coming out, the nursing is intense. The last few weeks have been particularly intense so I've entertained the idea of weaning.

Isn't that just what we mostly do when things don't go as we plan or when things get difficult? its so easy to press the eject button, isn't it? I've been thinking about that so much since the breastfeeding got "out of hand". But it's really not out of hand. From what I understand, its perfectly normal behavior for a young toddler to nurse this way up until even 3 years old if freely allowed. Now, three years is a bit much for me personally to breastfeed but I do agree that that is perfectly normal behavior. Breastfeeding is natural and efficient (think about putting bottles together and then the cleaning and then supplementing what the milk is missing- yikes). So, my intention is to stop complaining and whining about it because my daughter is healthy and happy. While I am not free to get up and go as I was before she came along, I am now able to go to yoga, have some time alone and go on dates with my hunny. Things aren't so bad- they're not even that bad or bad at all. I just have to adjust.

I forget that I'm still a new mom. Nobody expected Eric Clapton to rip the "Layla" solo after just 16 months of playing guitar, right?