Hooray for Seventh Generation!

I used mostly G Diapers during my little one's second year but at night I used (and still use) Seventh Generation.  Their diapers are just as absorbent as any Huggies or Pampers claims to be and they are chlorine-free, which was the selling point for me.  They don't biodegrade like the G's do, but at least they are more environmentally friendly than conventional diapers. A few months ago I was running low on diapers so I ordered some from Diapers.com.  5 diapers from that pack came with faulty tabs and I discovered 3 of those faulty diapers at very inopportune times (i.e. poopy times).  I wrote their customer service department an email letting them know about the problem with their tabs and then shortly after a very friendly and generous agent contacted me to find out what was the problem with the diapers, FedEx delivered a replacement pack of diapers to my door with this note:


I was sorry to hear of the problems you experienced with the faulty velcro on the Stage 5 diapers. 

Enclosed is the package of training pants I promised to send.

Thanks for the trust you place in Seventh Generation and our products.

Wow!  What thoughtfulness and generosity.

My little one still has a few months left in diapers and since she outgrew her G's, I will definitely be sticking with Seventh Generation :)