Hail to my left nipple.

I had a postpartum momma group at my home this past Friday. Besides just loving having women around which I absolutely cherish right now, it was amazing to see so many breastfeeding women. And not only breastfeeding women, but women really dedicated to the art of it. Women fully committed to it. I was bursting with excitement and gratitude to see other women have their breasts available to their little ones in ways I have with my little one. I was starting to think I was abnormal and weird. I guess I have let what other people say creep in a bit. I didn't realize it until I was watching- almost in tears- all these women being mommas in the most natural way. We all shared stories about these very feelings and other incredible stories about becoming mothers and our adventures through it so far. Hoooorraaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I couldn't have been happier to be in that circle of women! It's been about a year and half that I have been breastfeeding. To some that sounds normal and boring, but to me it's a wonderful miracle. I had all sorts of trouble in the beginning. Everything but mastitis, pretty much. And I mean EVERYTHING. The hardest thing however was when at about a month in my left nipple was gone. I mean gone. I had to pump the milk which was not fun and not much less painful that if she fed from it directly. I was terrified it wouldn't grow back. I went on a google search- "do nipples grow back?"- and found two sites that said absolutely not. If I wasn't depressed enough as it was with all my crazy hormones I was trying to come to terms with the pain and the fact that my left nipple was forever gone. But, it slowly started growing back and took two months to fully come back.

And what do you know? A year and a half later, that's the nipple that is still going. My right boob has very light production but my left is still totally going! It even leaks at times. It's a testament to that quote, "Your greatest weakness can one day be your greatest strength." Woohoo!

Today I am in awe and so SO grateful for my left nipple. :)