G diapers, revisited.

The way my little one was going, we predicted her out of diapers by 1.  Her ECing was going amazing!  However, I had no idea that some babies lose their focus on some other skills while learning a big one like walking, talking, or while teething.  Oh, those best laid plans of mice and men... I've used 7th Generation diapers since the beginning.  I've tried Nature Baby, Earth's Best, Swaddlers and gDiapers.  None worked as well as the 7th Generation, but I've never lost the nagging feeling that I could be doing something greener about diapers.  Cloth diapers wasn't the solution for me because I didn't feel right about doing laundry every two days.  The nagging feeling is getting more nagging, so today I went to buy a two pack of gDiapers and try them out again.  Three strikes and you're out, g.  I hope we get it right this time!

The fantastic thing about gDiapers (besides how cute they are) is that they can be thrown away with the trash and disintegrate in landfills in about 50 days.  They can also be thrown in the toilet and swished to a light mush and flushed.  You can compost them as well!  Their wipes are amazing too.  They are the same price if not cheaper than most conventional wipes and they are completely biodegradable.  So many options.  The ONLY drawback is that with the diapers they are not as absorbent so messes are more likely (more so with the poops) as the 7th Gens and so you end up using more which isn't so much an issue except for the $3-4 extra you pay per pack (although in the large size, they do have about 6 more per pack than conventional diapers). I have tried them twice (once when she was a month old  and once when she turned four months old) and both times they didn't work out for me because I felt they were too bulky to put under onesies, too hot for the summer to put more clothes over them and I couldn't always predict her poops.

It's always important to be patient with yourself and forgiving for any unsuccessful attempts at anything you had your heart set on.  It took a few very frustrating times for me to finally realize that I already had a lot to do all day, was then dealing with a lot, and the new options I was trying out were giving me more to do and stressing me out.  The 7th Generation diapers were such a help and saved me a lot of valuable time.  It's okay to make yourself more comfortable and take some pressure off yourself.  It's a lesson I am glad I have learned and I am thankful to parenthood for it.

So, why am I trying them again?  Because she's about to start walking and it's getting hot so she doesn't always have to have a bottom on to prevent knee scuffing or because it's too cold.  Also, she poops every day at the same time now.  So, what's my plan?  gDiapers do have cloth insert options which are great for me now since I can hand wash the peepee diapers with not much fuss.  I can use a disposable insert or a 7th Gen when I know her poop time is near or when we go out for more absorbency.  Messes at home are so much less an ordeal b/c they are so easy to clean.  So, I'm going with this.  7th Gens are still part of our daily lives, but I will use much less weekly than I have been and I am VERY happy about this!

There is always a creative solution when it comes to parenting.  Like one momma commented recently, "Being a parent makes you a great problem-solver.  You become so creative in so many great ways!"

I agree!  :)