Falling in LOVE!

A beautiful new momma and I met up a couple of days ago to have our babies meet and to sit and chat for a while. We met at the Barnes and Noble because I was looking for another Dr. Seuss book for my little one. She loves the rhymes and now that she pays more attention when we read to her,  I've noticed that they engage her more than any other books I've read to her so far. She particularly likes having a wocket in her pocket! My little one wakes up smiling every morning. It is such a gift! I let it fill my soul every day; all day. It's four months now and the fog is definitely lifting so I am absolutely falling in love with my little one. The moment I saw her I was ecstatic and I knew my life had forever changed but with all the following confusion, worry, and anxiety, I was not letting her in. As time has progressed, I have been able to SEE her more and more and now I am in love- just like how you fall in love with a significant other but in a more profound way. It makes sense to me to feel more deeply for her now that I am getting to know her. It reminds me how you can fall in love at first sight, then once you get to know a person everything else about them is just gravy.

I love those morning smiles and coo-chats we have. I love her pre-poop faces. I love her post-sneeze faces. I love how she's eating and all of a sudden she catches sight of her hand and all else falls away. I love the wonder in her eyes- its presence and brilliance is there all day (now her middle name -Wonder- is that much more special). I love how she kicks her legs and flails her arms whenever we kiss her or even just look at her. I love how happy she gets when she sits up and how even happier she gets when she stands with our help. I love how she pouts her bottom lip out when she cries for comfort or entertainment (but not for food, that's more serious business). I love that she loves taking walks with us. I love how she stares at trees and turns her head at the sound of a singing bird trying to find it. I love how she considers things/people first before she decides if she likes them or not (you can almost see the thoughts she's processing by the looks on her face). I love that she loves to dance and enjoys music.  I love giving her baths and removing the baby cheese from the creases of her neck, underarms, fingers, and toes.  I love her face when she yawns.  I love her smell.  I love her toes.  I love her warm body in the morning, at night, and pretty much every moment in between.

I love... I love... I LOVE!