EC like Sunday Morning.

Yesterday morning, our little one pooped in her diaper again.  It's been an unpredictable week for ECing because she's been teething and her nap times have changed and a few times in the morning I had to leave the house instead of having our cozy morning ritual.  So, yesterday after she pooped her diaper we bathed her from the waist down in the sink because the poo went everywhere and we're not good with the wipes anymore because we don't ever have to wipe poo off her butt.  Last time I tried to clean poop off of her with wipes, I used 5.  Luckily, I use these biodegradable bad boys.  They are amazing, don't dry up in the wipes box, gentle on baby, smell great and so earth friendly! I was sitting on the floor playing with her and her wooden shapes toy wondering why despite the interruptions in schedule she hadn't been signaling us as usual.  Shortly after I got my answer...

She was playing happily with me on the mat when suddenly she started crawling away.  She crawled towards the bathroom door and then stopped, sat and looked at both of us.  She crawled in a it closer to the bathroom, stopped, sat again and looked towards us. We brought her back to the mat because we totally missed the amazing cues she was giving us.  She had never done this before so we didn't know to look for it.  She was taking herself to the bathroom!  But knowing she couldn't do it all alone, she signaled to us to come with her!  I can't even tell you how amazingly proud and happy I was when I realized this.  The thing is, I realized it while I was bathing her in the sink because after we brought her back to the mat, she couldn't hold it any longer and soiled herself.  The good thing is, we can either hear it right away or she tells us because by now she REALLY does not like hanging out in her own poop.

My little baby is so amazing. :)