Easy like Wednesday mornin'.

There is something soooo gratifying about the days when everything with my wonder toddler flows smoothly. We woke up and shared a great breakfast together at her coloring table.  She liked the creamy buckwheat I made for her so there was no crying and whining for anything. We chatted and laughed. Breakfast was sweet and tantrumless.

She watched Jake and then Sesame Street while I folded some clothes, checked my email and FB, and Skyped with one of my besties which Soleil named "The Lorax" (her name is Laura).  Before we headed out to run errands, she let me put her on the potty to pee.  She resisted for like 5 seconds and then saw the resolve in my eyes and gave in.  She went.  Day 3 now and potty training is starting to look promising!

We went to the Apple store to return a case I wasn't using.  She just sat in her stroller and observed the people.  Then we went to Ross to find some non-maternity dresses that would fit my body with its big belly bump (maternity dresses never fit and are only slightly more flattering on me than a burlap sack).  She calmly looked around and would go back to her iPod periodically long enough for me to try on 20 dresses.  20 dresses!  This was unprecedented!  She even told me which ones she liked and which ones she didn't which I love.  It's so adorable because she is right about 95% of the time.  Yesterday when I got my Keen mary jane's in the mail and tried them on right out of the box to make sure they fit, she glanced over and said "Ooooooooh.  I like your shoes, Mama."  Squeeeeeeee!

After the purchase of an incredible amount of adorable non-maternity dresses that fit beautifully for under $100, we went to lunch at my hunny's delicious organic restaurant where she ate the healthy yummy soup he made us with a smile on her face and asked for more.  After lunch, she let me put her on the potty again after another little struggle and within just a few seconds of me doing the peepee sound ("SSsshhhhhhhh") she had gone in the potty.  I couldn't believe it and I was so thrilled.  I think she sensed my solid resolve today and decided it was time to start getting down to business.  She pooped in her big girl panties shortly after, but I didn't make a fuss and just cleaned it up, changed her and advised her to tell me whenever she has to go.  Progress is progress!

After lunch we came back home and after a few minutes of playing with her toys she asked to nurse which around afternoon time means "I'm sleepy and I want to nap."  Lately, she's been a bit resistant to sleep which I believe is due to her growth and learning spurts.  It has been more challenging to put her to sleep at night and to nap.  But today, she was down in 3 minutes.

So I am here at my desk, sipping my delicious, warm FecundiTea, listening to some Bach and writing my blog.  Everybody with me now..... "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh."