Dear everyone...

Dear everyone, Right now I have the attention span of a fruit fly.  Every day I lose my keys and I don't know where I put them, only to find they were in the same key pocket I put them in every day but just too deep in the pocket to have seen them the first time.  I just had dinner and helped clear the table and put the mayo in the cupboard instead of the fridge.  Every day I am clueless as to what day it is.  I easily forget play dates, appointments, meetings, etc. even though I have 15-minute-prior-to reminders in my Blackberry.  I meet people and 3 seconds later, I can't remember their name!

I am not excusing myself for any of this.  Just because I have a 1+ year old doesn't make any of this right.  But it most certainly is the explanation.  I am raising a little human being.  I am keeping her healthy, safe and entertained.  So, you will lose me after 45 seconds on the phone.  And I may forget to call you back even though I said I would.  And I might miss a tea date or a play date.  And although I know all the lyrics to "This Is a Song About Elmo" and have memorized anything written about, sung by or spoken by or to Elmo, I will probably forget your birthday!

I am in toddler land and it's a fun yet very demanding place to be.  My little rugrat demands and deserves all my focus.  Sorry in advance for all the oopses!