A city in Georgia banned public breastfeeding. Can we chew on that for a minute?

This is beyond words. It makes me so sad. What ignorance. What nerve. I could go on and on and on about this for pages upon pages. But I won't because I think pretty much all of you share in my outrage.

And there I was complaining about my baby wanting to nurse at inconvenient times and so often. Talk about taking the simple things for granted.

When I shared this story with my midwife, she shared a story with me that a mutual friend of ours' daughter got ousted at a Starbucks in Miami's South Beach because she was breastfeeding her child. Yes, you read correctly- SOUTH BEACH. The land of the half-if-not-all naked women. As Jimmy Fallon and Amy Pohler would say: REALLY???

The story does have a happy ending. That momma and a dozen or so of her friends took their babies to that Starbucks and nursed them right outside the front of the cafe where no one could kick them out or complain. Love that.

It's stuff like this that makes my head explode.